Where Have We Bean?

16 Aug

The Tomato Boys are back from vacation and the garden is better than ever! Thank you neighbors for taking care of the garden while we were away- we couldn’t have a season without you! While we were away, the beans skyrocketed. We were immediately able to fill our newly constructed garden bench with beans upon arriving.

We highly recommend our veriety of beans to any gardening newbies or any old hands who want a big crop with little effort. The variety of beans that we use is call Blue Lake Pole. They’re super easy to sprout and you’ll reap a huge harvest. 10 plants are plenty for a four person household- we planted 25 and they’re coming out of our ears!

Our bean arbor turned out really well. We tied the bamboo poles together at the top so that the beans formed a green wall on three sides. This made for easy picking and created a shady walk. It’s a little lopsided, but we aren’t asking for perfection.



Full Garden Mid-June

Full Garden Mid-August

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