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Wisdom of the Radish

29 May
Here’s our second crop of radishes. I love them because they only take 30 days to mature. Too bad I don’t like to eat them. Oh well, other people in the family will be happy to have them. They look just like the cover of Wisdom of the Radish.Image

Memorial Day Bamboo

28 May

Welcome back! Memorial Day weekend has given us a chance to really get some work done on the garden.  Gotta love the city for turning our chicken bones and weeds into free steaming compost for our veggies! Also love Craigslist for putting us in touch with Adam the bamboo guy. $10 bought us enough poles to stake all our tomatoes, build the green bean arbor, and hoops for the floating row covers to shade our lettuce. ImageImage

We also were inspired by Edible Landscaping to turn our broken trellis into an accent piece for our garden. We repaired and painted it and plan to fill each square with a lettuce plant. Meanwhile, it’s a great place to shape our floating row hoops.Imagellis

There’s a Bright Golden Haze on the Garden!

26 May

It’s May 26, and all of our summer crops are all nestled and cozy in the ground. Our roster for this year is…

2 Moneymaker Tomatoes

2 Pineapple Tomatoes

5 Brandywine Tomatoes

5 Black Beauty Zucchini

25 Blue Lake Pole Beans

8 Falstaff Brussel Sprouts

3 Golden Bantam Corn

and a whole bunch of other roots, herbs, and greens.

Now, I hope I’m not counting our chickens before they hatch (no farm pun intended), but we’re in for a big year vegetable wise. As long as there are minimal casualties along the way, by mid-summer we’ll be harvesting by the bucket load.

Look at this monster. It’s only May and it’s already huge! Squash will be coming out of our ears by summer.

They’re not quite as high as an elephant’s eye yet, but maybe at mouse level.
Our first yellow tomato flowers are making an appearance.

These are our Blue Lake Pole Beans. When they get a little bigger, we plan to make a bean arbor with them.